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Week 3: Friday,  27th May 2022

P5/2: did their Week 3 Assessment that covered the lessons that they have learned in Week 3. After their assessment, we played Typhoon. 

In the afternoon, we did Reading. Students got their reading books —The Go-Kart Race, and their reading comprehension booklet. We talked about the parts of the book, then we studied and practiced the vocabulary. 

P5/1 also did their Week 3 Assessment. After the assessment we also played 'Typhoon Game'. Everybody had fun as they recalled all the lessons that they've learnt within the week. 

Week 1 Assessment Coverage:

- Word Bank #3

-Everybody Up: Unit 1: Lesson 3: Reading: The Surfing Lesson

- Grammar: Common Nouns and Proper Nouns


One of the students in P5/2, Chern, participated in the Chinese morning assembly. His classmates were happy to him did well and had fun.