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Week 4: Tuesday,  31st May 2022

Both classes started their daily review of Word Bank #4. P5/1 was led by Champ, and P5/2 was led by First First. Then, we continued our lesson in Everybody Up, unit 1: lesson 4: travel and Trade. We talked about Marco Polo who traveled the Silk Road more than 2,000 years ago, and what happed during his travel. The practice in Everybody Up words was led by Chic from P5/1 and Spain from P5/2. 

In the afternoon, they answered their Everybody Up Workbook. We also read and talked about the story how Christopher Columbus traveled from Spain to the North America, and some details about his journey. Then, we rationalized the answers and related them to their Everybody Up Student book.  

Everybody Up Workbook: Christopher Columbus and North America

Word Bank Practice with Champ (P5/1)

Word Bank Practice with First First (P5/2)

Everybody Up Words Practice with Chic (P5/1)

Everybody Up Words Practice with Spain (P5/2)