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Week 7: Wednesday, 22nd June 2022

Students reviewed their Word Bank #7 before starting their classes.  Titan led the word Bank practice in P5/1 and Angpao in P5/2. Then, we (P5/1 and P5/2) started our new lesson in Grammar —Masculine and Feminine (Gender) Nouns. I discussed the lesson, then we had some exercises, before they answered their book exercises.

Gender of Nouns: Masculine, Feminine, Common-Gender and Neuter

Grammar: Gender of Nouns

Word Bank #7 Practice with Titan (P5/1)

Word Bank #7 Practice with Angpao (P5/1)





In Extra English, Chompoo and Aomsin helped the group practice Word Bank #7. Then They answered their Extra English Work Book exercises that covers this week's Grammar topic —Gender of Nouns.