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Week 13, Tuesday, 2nd August 2022

     Students reviewed and practiced their Word Bank number 12. P5/1 was led by Angpao, and Nammon led P5/2. 

     P5/1 continued their lesson in Everybody Up —It's Not Safe. They also practiced the target conversation. it was led by Vlada and Andre, and Non and Mangkorn. 

     Both classes answered their workbook n the afternoon. P5/2 reviewed first the student book and practiced the target conversation. It was led by Chevy and Focus, and Chaokhun and Asia.

Word Bank practice with Angpao (P5/1)

Word Bank practice with Nammon (P5/2)

Everybody Up Target Conversation

EU Target Conversation practice with Andre and Vlada (P5/1)

EU Target Conversation practice with Non and Mangkorn (P5/1)

EU Target Conversation practice with Chevy and Focus (P5/2)

EU Target Conversation practice with Chaokhun and Asia (P5/2)

Everybody Up Workbook




Extra English

     Students answered their Extra English Workbook about Everybody Up lesson.