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Week 15, Wednesday, 17th August 2022

     Students practiced their Word Bank #13 with me, then with their classmates. Champ led the practice in P5/2 and Chern in P5/2.  


     Then They reviewed the target language and conversation in Everybody Up. Nita, Asia and Nicha led the review in Target Language for P5/2 and Krit and Pailin led the review of the the Target Conversation in P5/1.

     After that, we talked about our Q4 Project —Biomes of the Earth. Then they continued with their Grammar lessons —Determiners. They learned about the Articles — a / an / the, and the Demonstrative Determiners — this / that / these / those. They answered the book exercises after.

EU Target Language: 

EU Target Language practice with Nita, Asia and Nitcha (P5/2)

EU Target Conversation:

EU Target Conversation practice with Krit and Pailin (P5/1)

Grammar: Determiners — Articles, Demonstrative:




Extra English

     Students reviewed their Everybody Up and Grammar topics, then they answered their Extra English Workbook.