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Phuket Old Farm Tour, P5/2, 1st September 2022

  • They visited the Thai farmer’s house, saw the traditional way of life such as rice mills, rice sifting, and beta fish.
  • They walked along the rice field, learned how rice is grown, and experienced the water buffalo ride around the rice field which the farmers used to take as transportation in the old day.
  • They visited the Thai kitchen and learned how to make Thai curry from the herb garden on the farm.
  • They also learned how the rubber was made, tapping and made rubber sheet.

  • The downstairs of Thai House – On the ground floor of Thai House, there is a demonstration of the rice milling process from paddy to rice. Rice milling with an ancient rice milling machine and rice winnowing, including showing the beauty and giving knowledge about Siamese fighting fish (Betta Fish or Betta splendens).

  • The upper floor of Thai house – Thai house upstairs was simulated the way of life of the Phuket people in the past to show how to cook rice and cook food by using raw materials and vegetables from our own farm.

  • Rice fields – Walking tour of the demonstration rice field according to the sufficiency economy model. Learn every step of the rice farming process.

  • Rubber Harvesting and Processing– Watch the rubber tapping demonstration as well as the process of producing rubber sheets. Learn about the history of rubber plants which is the economic crop of the south.

  • Mining Site – Experience how to mine 'tin' using pans and slider. Learn the old way of mining.

  • Waterfront Pavilion – Resting corner, drinking water, eating fresh pineapples from the garden with fish feeding activities.

Photos and Videos


Lower Part of the House:

Upper Part of the House:

Buffalo Ride:

Rice Fields:

Rubber Harvesting and Processing:

Mining Site:

Waterfront Pavilion: