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Science Day, 18th August 2022

     The school held its Science Day on this day. Upper primary students (P4-P6) prepared different Science experiments and lessons to cater the kindergarten and lower primary (P1-P3) students. They also prepared prizes for the students. 

     P5/1 students prepared "FOSSILS". They taught their fellow students everything about the fossils. From simple insects to the dinosaurs. Students also had a chance to choose different model fossils and colored them by themselves. You can see the astonishment from the students while doing this activity. 

     P5/2 students prepared the "SWEET BOOTH". They informed and raise awareness about the sugar content of what they are drinking to their fellow students. This simple yet very informative activity helped everyone who participated in the activity to "CHOOSE WATER" as the healthiest way to clench their thirst.