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P5 TP Week 8 Updates (16th August 2021)

2 Weeks Extension of Online Classes

As what have agreed by the different agencies of the government. All schools in Phuket is going to conduct their classes virtually for another 2 weeks, from the 16th - 30th of August 2021.

Week 8 Coverage

What we will learn this week in preparation for their Q2 Unit assessment. We are not going to have spelling test on Friday, but we are going to cover the whole Unit 2 of their Everybody Up student book, pages 12 to 19, as well as their week 8 Grammar topic: Pronouns, pages 41-48.

Books activities are as follows. Please give the photocopies of their answered books on or before Friday, 20th August 2021.

Everybody Up: 18-19

Grammar: 47-48

Word Bank #8

Week 5 to Week 7 Completion Report

If your child hasn't completed his/her book assignment from week 5 to week 7, please tell them to do them within this week. I need to make their Q2 grades this week. If they need help, please let me know. I am more than happy to lend them a hand. 

If they are finished and their work still not marked as "ok", please ignore it. I have them on my list and will be updated within the week.