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Q1 Best Projects: All ABout Me

      Students made a video on FLIP video sharing app about self introduction (All About Me).  Everybody did an amazing video, some add more information and facts about themselves. 

W I N N E R S !

Triton and Jilian

To watch all the videos please click the photo below.

Username: Nelson

Students' Written Projects:

Nawin and Fran

Title and Owgseng

Geeharn and Porch

Poomjai and Nas

Bright and Met

Triton and Abdul

Bin and Captain

Ice and First

Philip and Dorm

Peam and Petch

Punpun and Khaohom

Wawa and Anda

Jilian and Plaifah

Bua and Namfah

Gitar and Kaofang

Platoo and Meya

Aom and Meiju

Focus and Foty

Joy and Pinky