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Week 1: Thursday, 11th May 2023

     Both classes started their lessons with Word Bank #1 review. P5/1 was led by Junior and P5/2 was led by Krit.

     P5/1 did their Grammar —Capital Letters— lesson. We talked about the topic first, to assess their knowledge about the Capital Letters and let them watch the video about it. I discussed what was in their Grammar book with them, had some Grammar exercises, then let them answer their book. We talked about the answers when they finished it. I called random people to give their answers and we rationalized them.

     In the afternoon, they went to Smart Classroom to practice their spelling words through www.memrise.com.

     P5/2 continued their Everybody Up —Unit 1: Lesson 1: Activities— lesson. First, we reviewed the things that we have talked about yesterday, Then, I discussed the rest of the lessons, gave them conversation guidelines and they practiced them among themselves. They called their friends to practice the target conversation. This made them feel relaxed and more confident in using the language. They also answered their Everybody up workbook. After I instructed them on how to answer every part of the workbook, I gave them ample time to work on their workbook by themselves. We checked the answers together, so they will know which part they were wrong and learned from it. I also reminded them about punctuations and capitalization. 

Grammar: Capital Letter

Grammar: Capital Letter

Word Bank Practice with Junior (P5/1):

Word Bank Practice with Krit (P5/2):




Extra English

     Students answered their Extra English Work Book that covers Week 1 lessons in Everybody Up, Grammar and Spelling Practice.