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Week 3: Monday, 22nd May 2023

     Students learned and practiced their new vocabulary in Word Bank #5.  P5/1 was led by Note, and P5/2 was led by Muay. 

     Then, it was followed by their new lesson in Everybody Up —Reading: The Surfing Lessons. They studied the important words first in the story. They also  read the story then talked about it. The practice was led by Khaofang from P5/1 and Phu-Tawan  from P55/2.


     We talked about the "moral" of the story and how can they apply them to themselves. 

Word Bank #3:

Word Bank Practice with Note (P5/1):

Word Bank Practice with Muay (P5/2):

Everybody Up: Unit 1: Lesson 3: Reading: The Surfing Lesson

Everybody Up Words:

Everybody Up Words Practice with Khaofang (P5/1):

Everybody Up Words Practice with Phu-Tawan (P5/2):




Extra English

     Students answered their Extra English Workbook and practiced Word Bank #2.