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Week 5: Tuesday, 7th June 2022

Poom from P5/1 and Rifle from P5/2 participate in the English morning assembly. They were ask to name random animals in the jungle and spelled them. Seeing them participated made me proud of them as they continue to be confident in using the language. This is the best way to practice the language —Real Life Learning. Well done boys!

P5/1 learned their new vocabulary in Word Bank #5. We talked about the words, translated and practiced the pronunciations. The practice was led by Cheetah. After studying Word Bank #5, we did our new topic in Grammar —Plural Nouns. First, we reviewed the singular nouns, then I related it to our new lesson. I let them watch video on Youtube about the Plural Nouns, both regular and irregular nouns. After that, I discussed what's in the book to them. Then we answered the exercises in their book and answered them altogether. 

P5/2 continued their Grammar lessons —Plural Nouns. We had practice activities before answering their book exercises. Then, we talked about the answers. 

Word Bank #5 Practice with Cheetah (P5/1)

Word Bank #5 Practice with Phu (P5/2)

Grammar Book Exercises