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Week 5: Wednesday, 8th June 2022

P5/1 started their class the review of Word Bank #5. Then, we started our new lesson in Everybody Up, Unit 2: Camping, Leson1: In the Woods. We talked about the title of Unit 2 —Camping. Then I asked about their camping experiences. They shared their memories of camping to the class. Students are engage if we are talking about their experiences, and they were enthusiastic in sharing them to the class. Next, we studied the phrases and talked about them. Andre from P5/1 led the practice. 

P5/2 also practice their vocabulary in Word bank #5. We practiced saying the words altogether and asked them to say the meaning in English and in Thai. The we started our new lesson in Everybody Up, Unit 2: Lesson 1: In the Woods. We practiced the phrases and they listened to the audio and answered their student book, then we talked the answers to assess their listening skills.

Word Bank #5 Practice with Krit (P5/1)

Everybody Up, Unit 2: Lesson 1 Phrases practice with Andre (P5/1)

Everybody Up: Unit 2: Lesson 1: Phrases