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Week 6: Monday, 13th June 2022

We started our week with the introduction of their new vocabulary —Word Bank #6. After I discussed the words to them, we practiced them, then they practiced with their classmates. Poom led P5/1 and Rifle led P5/2. 

After learning their Word bank, we did our new lesson in everybody Up —Lesson 2: Making Camp. We talking about the title of the lesson. They shared their experiences in camping and things that they need to do and prepare. Then, we talked about the verb phrase and practiced them. I let one of their classmates to lead the practice. P5/1 was led by Rohana, and P5/2 was led by Phu.

In the afternoon, P5/2 continued their lesson in Everybody Up. They learned the language focus and grammar focus —Past Continuous Tense. They practiced the language focus among their classmates. Then, they listened to the target conversation, studied and practice.

Word Bank #6

Word Bank #6 Practice with Poom (P5/1)

Word Bank #6 Practice with Rifle (P5/2)

Everybody Up Unit 2: Lesson 2: Making Camp

Everybody Up Verb Phrases

Everybody Up Verb Phrases practice with Rohana (P5/1)

Everybody Up Verb Phrases practice with Phu (P5/2)

Everybody Up Verb Phrases practice with Focus (P5/2) - Afternoon class

Everybody Up Language Focus

Everybody Up Grammar Focus —Past Continuous Tense

Everybody Up Language Focus Practice