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Week 8: Monday, 27th June 2022: "Sunthorn Phu day"

26th June

     In Thailand, every 26 June is “Sunthorn Phu Day”, a day to commemorate the birthday of Sunthorn Phu or Phra Sunthonwohan AKA the “Bard of Rattanakosin”, Thailand's best known royal poet whose works are popular in Thailand to the present day. 

     All the students dressed up in Thai traditional clothes to pay respect and to celebrate the occasion. The school also prepared some acts to show the richness of the Thai literary works.  Students had fun while understanding more of the story, as this was in real act and not by just reading in their books. Such activity will give a huge impact to the students as well as strengthening their appreciation to the Thai culture and literature. 

     Classes resumed as normal after the activities. Both classes learned their new words in Word Bank #8. I discussed the words and we talked about them. Students help me translated the words in Thai and had some examples about the words. Then, we practiced the words altogether and I let their classmates lead the next practice.  Krit led the practice in P5/1 and Choakun in P5/2. 

     It was followed by their new lesson in Everybody Up: Unit 2: Lesson 4 —Plats. They watched a video about the topic and how was one of the company in the UK is making sure that future generation will enjoy the different kinds of plats that we have today. They also learned the important parts of a plant in the video. Then they studied the words and practiced. Cheetah led the practiced in P5/1 and Mafia led in P5/2.

     After the words practiced, they listened to the audio while reading the passage silently. P5/1 will continue the rest of the lesson on the following day, while P5/2 finished the lesson in the afternoon. They read the passage—Parts of a Plant— aloud, then we talked about the parts of a plant. It's functions as well as it's importance to us and other organisms. 

Word Bank #8


Word Bank #8 Practice with Krit (P5/1)

Word Bank #7 Practice with Chaokun (P5/2)

Everybody Up Unit 2: Lesson 4: Plants

Everybody Up Words

Everybody Up Words practice with Non (P5/1)

Everybody Up Words practice with Mafia (P5/2)

Sunthorn Phu Day Activity




Extra English

     Students in Extra English prepared for their Q2 test on Friday. They reviewed past lesson in Everybody Up —Unit 2: Lessons 1-4, on Kahoot. They also practiced their Word Bank #8 on Memrise.