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WEEK 20 UPDATE, Final Exam

       This week marks the END of your journey in P5.

      To all the parents: Thank you for always supporting and helping your child in doing their English work. I know it's not that easy, but you were always there for them. I commend you for that.

      To my beloved students: I know it has never been easy learning English, but you all did your best. I saw all your hardships, struggles, and dedication in performing well in class. I hope you continue to do your best in P6. If you are struggling, always remember that small progress is still PROGRESS. Keep on learning until you achieve your goals. Learning is not a RACE, take your time! Enjoy being a kid! For me, you being HAPPY is the MOST IMPORTANT. My classes wouldn't be the same again, but I will always remember to pass on the things and the memories we have shared to the next generation. 

     I am wishing you all the BEST on your future endeavors! 

     I am JUST here whenever you need me. 

and always remember:


G O O D  B Y E !!!

Final Assessment Demarcation Schedule

Final Assessment English Demarcation

Final Assessment Reviewers:

Everybody Up Unit 7 Reviewers

  1. Unit 7 Vocabulary
  2. Unit 7 Lessons 1-4

Everybody Up Unit 8 Reviewers

  1. Unit 8 Vocabulary
  2. Unit 8 Lessons 1-4


  1. Grammar Topics
  2. Everybody Up Unit 7
  3. Everybody Up Unit 8