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Week 15: Friday, 4th March 2022

It's Friday and it's time for our weekly assessment. P5/1 and P5/2 did their Week 15 Assessment. P5/2 is back onsite.


Word Bank: Number 13

Everybody Up: Unit 8: Lesson 1: Using Computers

Grammar: Sentences: Subject and Object

After their assessment, I let them watch a movie related to the topic we discussed in Everybody Up. They were very happy as this gave them a chance to have a break after a week long studying. 

P5/2 did their reading in the afternoon. I gave them their new reading book -- Land of the Dinosaurs. We talked about the parts of the book; title, author, illustrator, publisher, characters and settings. We also studied the vocabularies and sight words. They listened to the audio book as they read along the story.