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Week 15: Thursday, 3rd March 2022

P5/1 started their morning English class by practicing their Word Bank number 13 in preparation for their week 15 assessment tomorrow. We did Grammar next. We reviewed first the topic that we learned yesterday about sentences and I discussed the next topic about; subject and object, and direct object and indirect object. I let them answered their book exercises and we discussed the answers. 

In the afternoon, we read our new book in reading - Land of the Dinosaurs. We talked about first the parts of the book -- title, author, illustrator, publisher, characters and settings. We practiced the vocabulary and sight words. I let them listened to the story first and they started reading the book one at a time. We talked about the part of the story that they've read.

P5/2 continued to study online. We continued the lessons that we studied yesterday, then go on to our new topic which are; subject and object, and direct object and indirect object. We practiced making sentences and they answered the book exercises after. I helped them answered the few numbers and I let them answered the rest.

Subject + Verb + Object:

E.g.: I am writing a letter.

Subject: I

Verb: am writing

Object: a letter

Subject + Verb + Indirect Object + Direct Object:

E.g.: I am writing mom a letter.

Subject: I

Verb: am writing

Indirect Object: mom

Direct Object: a letter




Grammar: Sentences: Subject and Object (Part 2)