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Week 16: Monday, 7th March 2022

P5/1 started their week with the introduction of Q4 Project: My 5th Grade Memories. I discussed the process of making the written and video project. after that, we did Word Bank #14, then they practiced the words led by Thonhom. It was followed by Everybody Up Unit 8: Lesson 2. I introduced the topic to them, then we studied and practiced the phrases.

P5/2 studied online. I discussed the Q4 Project first and I discussed the vocabulary in Word Bank #14. We practiced the words altogether after. EU Unit8: Lesson 2 followed. I discussed the new lesson and we practiced the phrases the they need to memorize for their target conversation and target language practice.

Q4 project: My 5th Grade Memories

Click the link to see the details: https://www.p5tpkajonkiet.com/term-2-projects-1/q4-project-my-5th-grade-memories


Word Bank Number 14 with Thonhom

Everybody Up, Unit 8: Lesson 2 Phrases practice with  Fithan




Online Class Recording: