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Week 16: Thursday, 10th March 2022

P5/1 started their class with Satang. Then, we continued the Grammar discussions about the 4 kinds of sentences. Students practiced identifying and constructing the kinds of sentences, They also studied the punctuations used in every kind of sentence. After the discussions, they answered the exercises in their Grammar book.

In the afternoon, we continued our Reading class. We reviewed the part of the story that we covered and continued the other pages. I asked them one-by-one to read and we talked about the story. They also practiced the vocabulary in the reading book. 

P5/2 also continued the Grammar that we studied yesterday about 4 kinds of sentences. Students practiced constructing the different kinds of sentences and they also learned the punctuations used in every sentence. They answered the book exercises and we check them together.

Reading Book: Land of the Dinosaurs

Grammar: 4 Kinds of Sentences


Word Bank #14 Review with Satang




Grammar: Sentences: 4 Kinds of Sentences (Part 2)