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Week 16: Tuesday, 8th March 2022

P5/2 started with Word Bank #14 practice and review. Then, we moved to Everybody Up. We practiced the phrases and practiced the target language. We also listened to the target conversation and they practiced it with their classmates.

In the afternoon, We reviewed EU Student book and I discussed how to answer the workbook. I answered few examples and I let them answered by themselves. We checked and talked about the answers together.

P5/1 also practiced their word bank #14 let by Papawin. Then, I discussed the lesson 2 of Unit 8 of their Everybody Up book. We practiced the phrases led by Nine, target conversation and target language. They also practiced them with their friends. 

Target Language:

-She's already uploaded the photo's, but she hasn't printed them yet.

Affirmative: She's already uploaded the photos.

Negative: She hasn't printed them yet.

Grammar Points:

Present Perfect

Sentence Structure: Subject + has / have / Verb 3 (past participle)


-She has already uploaded the photos.

-She hasn't printed them yet.

-He has already written the email.

-He hasn't sent it yet.

Target Conversation:

Question: Has he turned on the computer yet?

Answer: Yes, he has.

                 No, he hasn't.

Target Conversation Integration:

Question: Has she upload the photos yet?

Answer: Yes, she's uploaded them.

                 No, she hasn't uploaded them.


Word Bank Number 14 Review with Papawin

Everybody Up, Unit 8: Lesson 2 Phrases with Nine




EU Student Book:

EU Workbook: