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Week 16: Wednesday, 9th March 2022

P5/1:  Wednesday class started with Word Bank #14 review led by Tiger. Followed by the review of Everybody Up Unit 8: Lesson 2. Students answered their EU workbook after. We answered some of the questions together and they answered the rest. We checked the answers together and we talked about them.

Afternoon classes (P5/1 and P5/2) were about Grammar. Both classes studied 'Positive and Negative Sentences' and Types of sentences. It started with discussion and followed by exercises. Then, they answered the exercises in their books. 

Positive and Negative Sentences:

Positive Sentence: Peter is running.

Negative Sentence: Peter isn't (is not) running.


Word Bank 14 Practiced with Tiger

EU Unit 8: Lesson 2 Phrases Review with Fomost




Grammar: Sentences (Part 1)