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Week 17: Tuesday, 15th March 2022

P5/1 and 2 reviewed their word bank number 15 led by ManU from P5/1 and Paitong from P5/2, and followed by Everybody Up Unit 8: Lesson 3: Just A Minute. They read the story together and we talked about the story and the moral of the story -- Be Fair. They also related the story to their lives. They shared their thoughts about being fair at home and at school. They answered the reading comprehension questions. 

They listened to the song of the week: Are You Almost Done?. They sang it after. They practiced the target conversation with their classmates.

In the afternoon, P5/2 continued practicing the target conversation and then, they answered he workbook. We talked about the answers after. 

Target Conversation:

Target Conversation Integration:

Question: How are you fair at home?

Answer: When my mom cooks, I set the table or wash the dishes.



Word Bank Number 15 Review with ManU (P5/1)

Word Bank Number 15 Review with Paitong (P5/2)

Everybody Up, Unit 8: Lesson 3 Target Conversation: