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Week 18: Monday, 21st March 2022

It's the final week of their learning in P5. Next week will just be Final Assessment revisions.

As what we always do, both classes started their week with studying their work bank. It's their final word bank in P5. Everybody was excited and sad at the same time, as they knew that they are going to P6 next term. I introduced and discussed to them the words and we practiced them together. Some students were called and led the practice with their classmates. Om led in P5/1, since he just came in from on-site learning, but he came to school very prepared. Kenta led P5/2 class, and as always, he did it well. 

After studying the word bank #16, he go straight to our last topic in Everybody Up, Unit 8, which is about Energy. They watched first the video about the kinds of energy we are using now and the kinds of energy that we are going to use in the future. They also studied the words and phrases. After that, they listened to the passage about the "Clean Energy".

Clean Energy

-Everybody Up, Unit 8, page 78


Word Bank Number 16 Practice with Om (P5/1)

Word Bank Number 16 Practice with Kenta (P5/2)

Everybody Up, Unit 8: Lesson 4 Words and Phrases with ManU