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Week 18: Wednesday, 23rd March 2022

I met P5/1 in the morning and we practice our word bank #16. It was led by Fithan. Everybody Up student book review followed. Then, we practiced the target conversation, and they practiced it with their classmates. 

After the review, we answered their Everybody Up workbook. In their workbook, they learned the two additional technologies that convert ocean waves and tides into electricity. 

In the afternoon, both classes did their last lesson in Grammar -- Punctuations. P5/2 reviewed first their word bank #16 led by Fasse. Then, I introduced them their new lesson. I ask them first if they knew anything about punctuations to assess the depth of their knowledge. After that, I let them watch a video about punctuations and I discussed the book to them.

Grammar: Punctuations


Word Bank 16 Practiced with Fithan (P5/1)

Word Bank 16 Practiced with Fasse (P5/2)