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Week 1, Tuesday, 25th October 2022

     To start the first day of Term 2, students shared their vacation activities and experiences. They were all happy and excited to come back to school to meet their friends.

     We started our week with our Word Bank #1. I discussed the vocabulary and they practiced them. Aungpao (P5/1) and Rifle (P5/2) led the practiced within their classes. 

     It was followed by their new lesson in Everybody Up, Unit 5: Busy Students, Lesson 1: Activities. We talked about the importance of having a good habit and routine for them to be always prepared and healthy. They also practiced the phrase in their book to help them with the target language and conversation. It was led by Titan (P5/1) and Nita (P5/2).  They continue with the listening comprehension for the section B of their book. Then we talked about the audio while answering their student book.

     P5/1 continued the 2nd half of their book as they have two classes on this day. They listened to the target langue, practiced them with me and their classmates. They also learned the Grammar point ─ Adverb of Frequency. They learned that adverb of frequency is used to talk about the habit. After section C, they continued section D about the target conversation. They listened and practiced the target conversation among their friend.

Everybody Up, Unit 5: lesson 1: Activities

Word Bank #1

Word Bank #1 Practice: Aungpao, P5/1

Word Bank #1 Practice: Rifle, P5/2

EU Grammar Point: Adverb of Frequency

EU Target Language

EU Target Conversation




Extra English