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Week 2, Tuesday, 1st November 2022

     Students studied and practiced their Word Bank #2. After discussing the the words to them, they practiced them with the help of their classmates. Non (P5/1) and Phu (P5/2) led them. After the Word Bank, they also studied their new topic in Everybody Up —Adverbs. They learned the Adverbs of Manner and practiced them. Baitoey led the practice in P5/1. 

     In the afternoon, P5/1 continued with the rest of the lessons and practiced the target language and conversation. 

Everybody Up, Unit 5: lesson 2: Adverbs

Word Bank #2

Word Bank #2 Practice: Non, P5/1

Word Bank #2 Practice: Phu, P5/2

EU Grammar Point: Adverb of Manner 

EU Words practice with Rohana, P5/1