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Week 5, Monday, 21st November 2022

     Students studied and practiced their Word Bank #5. Cheetah (P5/1) and Rifle (P5/2) led the practice on this day. Next, they did Everybody Up —Unit 6: Lesson 1: Quantity. They learned and practiced the phrases first. Krit (P5/1) and Chaokhun (P5/2) led the. Then, they listened to the listening exercise and numbered their book. We talked about the poster after.

     In the afternoon, P5/2 continued the rest of the lessons and practice the target conversations. 

Word Bank #5

Word Bank #5 Practice with Cheetah, P5/1

Word Bank #5 Practice with Rifle, P5/2

Everybody Up, Unit 6: Lesson 1: Quantity

EU: U6: L1 Phrases practice, Krit, P5/1

EU: U6: L1 Phrases practice, Chaokhun, P5/2




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