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WEEK 9 (MIDTERM) UPDATE, 3rd July 2023

What We Will learn This Week:

---Week 9 lessons, homework and assessment coverage:

What We Will Lean This Week:

-EU Units 1 and 2: Check Up 1:  pages 20-22

-Grammar: Midterm Topics Revision: see midterm demarcation


EU Workbook: pages 20-22

Midterm Assessment Schedule

Midterm Assessment Demarcation

Midterm Assessment Reviewers

Students can review their Midterm Assessment on the following:

Kahoot Everybody Up:

Unit 1:  Vacation

Unit 2: Camping

Kahoot Grammar:  

Part 1: Noun

Part 2: Pronoun

Q2 Best Project: Camping Trip

Week 8 Photos and Videos: