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Week 4: Wednesday,  1st June 2022

In the morning, the students had general practice for the Wai Kru (Teacher's day) Ceremony that will happen tomorrow. The practice lasted until 10.00-ish in the morning. This was the reason why I wasn't able to meet P5/2. 

After the break, I was able to teach P5/1, it was the last period in the morning before lunch. They learned Grammar —Singular Nouns. I assessed their knowledge about the articles "a, an, the". Then, I taught the articles to refresh their knowledge and let them watched videos about the topic. After that, I discussed the topic on their book and practiced.

In the afternoon, both classes made some flower arrangements that they are going to use in tomorrow's Wai kru Ceremony. Everybody helped each other and shared ideas in making beautiful flower arrangements. It's nice to see how they interact and build camaraderie in doing this activity. At the end, everybody were very happy and proud about their master pieces. So do I. 

Grammar: Noun:  Singular Nouns


Wai kru General Practice

Wai kru Flower Arrangements

P5/1 Class Photos