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Week 5: Monday, 6th June 2022

P5/1 and P5/2 did their Q1 Assessment. We reviewed first our topic in Grammar —Singular Nouns. Then we played 'Typhoon' that includes the lessons that we have covered in week 4. 

Q1 Assessment Coverage

-Everybody Up: Unit 1: Vacation

-Grammar: Singular Nouns

In the afternoon, P5/2 did our new vocabulary in Word Bank #5. I discussed the vocabulary, then we talked about it and practiced. The practice was led my Mafia. After finishing our Word Bank #5, I taught them the new topic in Grammar —Plural Nouns. Students learned the rules and usages of Plural Nouns. I let them watched videos about Plural Nouns , then we talked about what they have understood. We practiced turning singular (regular and irregular) nouns into plural nouns.

Word Bank #5

Word Bank #5 Practice with Mafia (P5/2)

Grammar: Plural Nouns