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Week 11, Monday, 18th July 2022

Start of 3rd Quarter:

     This day marks the start of 3rd Quarter of Term 1. Time flies really fast d students are not more confident and can work independently. They are now familiar with our daily routine and they can understand me more now. 

     On this day, both classes started with their Word Bank #9. We talked about the words and practice them. Their classmates also led the  practiced. It was led by Poom (P5/1) and Asia (P5/2). 

     After studying the word bank, we talked about our Q3 Project — I Love My Mom.  let them watched the videos of the students who did the project last school year. 

     In the afternoon, P5/2 did their new lesson in Everybody Up Unit 3: Class Party, Lesson 1: Planning a Party. They listened to the verb phrases and practice them. Then, they listened to the audio while numbering their book. We also talked about what they have heard after.

Word Bank #9

Word Bank practice with Poom (P5/1)

Word Bank practice with Asia (P5/2)

Everybody Up: Unit 3: Lesson 1: Planning a Party

Everybody Up Verb Phrases

Verb Phrases practice with Chern (P5/2)

Q3 Project: "I Love My Mom"

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Extra English

     They went to Smart Room to practice their Word Bank #9 and Everybody Up Verb Phrases on Memrise. I noticed that since we did this on Mondays, their spelling scores improved a lot. They had fun memorizing the word bank.