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Week 13, Friday, 5th August 2022

     Both classes went to Smart Classroom to study their Word Bank #12 on www.memrise.com.  Memrise is not just for memorizing vocabulary but also practices their listening skills and pronunciation of the words. 

     They played Kahoot after, to review the lessons they've learned within the week. 

Memrise: Word bank #12 Leader Board

August Birthday Celebrants:

Happy Birthday Phu, Best and Ton-Or!

Morning Assembly:

     Some students were able to practice leading the morning assembly by raising the flag for the Thai National Anthem and in leading the students in the morning prayer.


Extra English:

     They went to reading room to watch a movie. After watching the movie, they had picnic. It teaches them sharing, camaraderie and builds strong friendship. Students and I bought snacks and drinks to share. They love doing this once in a while.