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Week 12, Monday, 25th July 2022


     Students learned their new vocabulary in Word Bank #10. They also practiced them with their classmates after the discussion. Champ led the practice in P5/1, and Nita in P5/2. 

     After the Word Bank, the moved on to their new lesson in Everybody Up —Starting a Party. They listened and practiced the phrases with the audio, then they practice them with their classmates. P5/1 was led by Chic, and Phu led P5/2. They also listened to the 1st target conversation while looking at their books. Then, we practiced the 1st target conversation.

     P5/2 finished studying their student book in the afternoon. They continued with the 2nd target conversation and followed by listening and  speaking exercises in their book.

Word Bank #10

Word Bank practice with Champ (P5/1)

Word Bank practice with Nita (P5/2)

Everybody Up: Unit 3: Lesson 2: Starting a Party

Everybody Up Verb Phrases

Verb Phrases practice with Chic (P5/1)

Verb Phrases practice with Phu (P5/2)




Extra English

     Extra English students learned and practiced their Word Bank #10 and Everybody Up Verb Phrases on Memrise