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Week 12, Tuesday, 26th July 2022

     Both classes reviewed and practiced their Word Bank #10. P5/1 was led by Aungpao and P5/2 was led by Chaokhun. 

     It was followed by Everybody Up target conversation 1 review and practice and  it was led by Krit and Pailin for P5/1, and Ton-Or and Spain, Kampan and Angpao for P5/2. They also practice the target conversation 2, and it was led by Nita and Chern of P5/2.


     Next, they worked on their Everybody Up Workbook. They answered them and we talked about the answers. 

Word Bank practice with Angpao (P5/1)

Word Bank practice with Chaokhun (P5/2)

Everybody Up Target Conversation 1

Target conversation practice with Krit and Pailin (P5/1)

Target conversation practice with Ton-or and Spain (P5/2)

Target conversation practice with Kampan and Aungpao (P5/2)

Everybody Up Target Conversation 2

Target conversation practice with Nita and Chern (P5/2)




Extra English

     Students reviewed their Word bank #10 and the things they have learned in Everybody Up. They also answered their Extra English workbook that covers Everybody up lessons.