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Week 16, Tuesday, 23rd August 2022

     P5/1 continued their Grammar lesson —Determiners; Possessive and Interrogative. After the discussions, students practiced what they have learned and answered their book exercises after. 

     In the afternoon, They started their new lesson in Everybody Up. They listened and practiced first the phrases before going through the book. Japan helped them practice the phrase. Then, they learned the Target Language and they practiced it among their classmate. 

     P5/2 Reviewed the phrases in Everybody Up as well as the target conversation. Phu, Tubtim and Mafia helped them went through the practice. Then, they continued studying the target conversation and the rest of the book.

Grammar: Determiners; Possessives and Interrogative

Everybody Up: Unit 4: : Lesson 2: Phrases

Everybody Up:  Phrases practice with Japan (P5/1)

Everybody Up: Unit 4: : Lesson 2: Target Language

EU:  Target Language practice with Phu, Tubtim and Mafia (P5/2)




Extra English

     Extra English students reviewed and answered their Extra English workbooks about their lessons in Everybody Up.