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Week 17, Monday, 29th August 2022

     P5/2 students drunk MILO as the company come to school to teach morning exercise and give away Milo. After they drunk, we went back to our classroom to continue with our lesson. They learned and practiced their Word Bank number 15. It was led by Chaokhun.

     In the afternoon, they finished their Grammar lesson —Adverbs, then they answered their book exercises.

     P5/1 also studied and practiced Word Bank #15. The practice was led by Aungpao. They also finished their Grammar lesson about Adverb.

Word Bank #15

Word Bank #15 practice with Aungpao (P5/1)

Word Bank #15 practice with Chaokhun (P5/2)

Grammar: Adverbs




Extra English

     Extra English students learned and practiced the spelling and pronunciation of their Word Bank #15 on memrize.