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Week 17, Tuesday, 30th August 2022

     Both classes reviewed their Word Bank #15. P5/1 was led by Non and P5/2 was led by Best. After the review, they learned their new lesson in Everybody Up, Unit 4: Lesson 3 —A New Snowboard. They listened to the story and we talked about them. We also talked about the Value— Be Patient, and they gave me examples on how can they be patient in their everyday lives.

Everybody Up: Unit 4: Lesson 4: A New Snowboard

Word Bank #15 practice with Non (P5/1)

Word Bank #15 practice with Best (P5/2)




Extra English

     Extra English students reviewed and answered their Extra English Workbook about the topics that they've learned in Grammar. Some of them also did their Q4 English Project about Biomes.