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Week 11: Tuesday, 1st February 2022

P5/1 Practiced their Word Bank number 9 lead by Fahsai. It was followed by Everybody words led by Nine.

We talked about the countries and it's landmarks. We also talked about their flags. We practiced the target language and conversations.


-I've been to India. I've never been to the UK.

-Have you ever been to Kenya?

        Yes, I have.

         No, I haven't

-Has she ever been to New Zealand?

          Yes, she has.

          No, she hasn't.


P5/2 continued to learn on Zoom.



Word Bank Number 9 Practice, by Fahsai

Everybody Up, Unit 7: Lesson 1 Words Review, by Nine


P5/2: Online Class:

Morning Class: Everybody Up Student Book

Morning Class: Everybody Up Workbook