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Week 14: Wednesday, 23rd February 2022

P5/1: We started our class with Word Bank #12 Review led by Nine. We reviewed the story in their Everybody Up about the Mount Everest. They practiced the target conversation and answered their workbook. I discussed first the passage in their workbook about the 2nd highest mountain in the world --- Mount K2. After they answered their workbooks, we answered it together and discussed the answers.

in the afternoon, I discussed our new topic in Grammar: Would / Should. I let them watched a video about the topic and explained what's in their book. We practiced making sentences using would and should.

P5/2 also did the same thing in Grammar. We started our class with Word Bank #12 review led by Peam. Then, they watched a video about would / should and it was followed by discussion and practice. 

Grammar Topic: Would / Should


Word Bank 12 Practiced with Nine (P5/1) and Peam (P5/2)