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Week 14: Tuesday, 22nd February 2022

P5/1 started their English class with Word Bank #12 review led by Harry. It was followed by Everybody Up words review and it was led by satang. We read the story about "Climbing Mount Everest" together and we talked about the important details in the story. They've met a lot of explorers who explored the Mount Everest. They also practice the target conversation and related it to their everyday conversation.

P5/2: started the class with Word Bank #12 review and practice led by Kenta. They also reviewed the words in Everybody Up lesson 4 led by Siew-tin. We read the story all together and talked about it. We also practice the target conversation and related it to everyday situation. 

In the afternoon, P5/2 answered their workbook. We also talked about the 2nd highest mountain in the world --- the Mount K2. 

Target Conversation:

Question: What happened in 1953?

Answer: Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reached the top of Mount Everest.

Target Conversation Integration:

Question: What happened in 2019?

Answer: Covid-19 spread all over the world.


Word Bank Number 12 Review with Harry (P5/1) and Kenta (P5/2)

Everybody Up, Unit 7: Lesson 4 Words with Satang (P5/1) and Siew-Tin (P5/2)