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Week 12: Wednesday, 9th February 2022

Both P5/1 and P5/2 started studying online as there was a new case found in P5/2. 

P5/1 studied Everybody Up Workbook on their first period. I reviewed them about the things that we've learned in student book. Then, I instructed them on how to answer every part of the workbook. I gave them ample time to answer their workbook by themselves.

in their 2nd period, we did grammar. I discussed the use of 'can' and 'could'. I answered some exercises to help them understand more about the topic. I also gave the things to remember like clues and time markers, so they will not be confuse with the 2 auxiliary verbs.

P5/2 also did Grammar: Can and Could. I also taught them the things that I taught P5/1. We answer the worksheet together to help them understand more the topic. 

Grammar Topic: Can / Could

P5/1 (1st Period):


Everybody Up Workbook, pages 66-67

P5/1 (2nd Period): 

Grammar: Can / Could




Grammar: Can/Could