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Week 13: Thursday, 17th February 2022

P5/1 studied Grammar online about Do / Does / Did. We started first our class with the review of Word Bank #11 and we discussed their answers in their Everybody Up workbook. I let them watched a video about "Do / Does/ Did" in Thai before I explained it to them. We had some exercises and I gave them the book exercises as their homework. 

in their 2nd period, we did reading: The Shiny Key. We talked about the book and practiced the vocabulary as well as the sight and high frequency words. We summarized the part of the story that we have finished. We continue the story and talked about it after.

P5/2 also did Grammar onsite about "Do / Does / Did". They also watched the video about the topic and discussed it to them after. We had some exercises and I let them answer the book exercises as their homework. 

Grammar Topic: Do / Does / Did

P5/1 (1st Period):


Grammar: Do / Does / Did

P5/1 (2nd Period): 

Reading: The Shiny Key




Word Bank #11 Practice by Kenta