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Week 14: Monday, 21st February 2022

Both classes are now studying on-site with P5/1 having 50% of the class is in. 

Both classes started their day with Word Bank #12. I introduced the new vocabulary to them. We discussed and practiced them. Poom led the practice for P5/1, and Paitong led the P5/2. Students are gaining confidence as they conquer their fears in standing in front of their classmates. This helped them a lot to be better, and be comfortable with the language.

It was followed by our new Everybody Up topic. We studied Unit 7: Lesson 4: Explorers. They met the explorers that explored the Mount Everest. They watched a clip first about the people who first explored the South Pole. This gave them an idea about our new lesson. The students practiced the words in our lesson. In P5/1, Papawin led the practice and he did an amazing job! everybody cheered and was proud of what he did. Mook did the practice for P5/2.

The classes finished by listening to the story: Climbing Mount Everest, while they were reading it by themselves. 


Word Bank Number 12, by Poom (P5/1) and Paitong (P5/2)

Everybody Up, Unit 7: Lesson 4 Words practice with  Papawin (P5/1) and Mook (P5/2)