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Week 1: Friday,  13th May 2022

P5/2 got 2 English classes this day. In their first class, we studied Grammar —Capital Letter. I assessed their previous knowledge about the topic, then I let them watch a video about the lesson. I discussed the topic using their book and we practiced some exercises about the Capital Letter. They enjoyed the drill as they found the topic interesting and a bit easy. They answered the book exercises, and we answered them together. 

Both classes did their week 1 assessment which covered the things that they have learned in week 1. After their test, we played Kahoot about Everybody Up topics. Everybody enjoyed the game.  

Week 1 Assessment Coverage:

- Word Bank #1

-Everybody Up: Unit 1: Lesson 1: Activities

- Grammar: Capital Letter


Word Bank #1 Practice with Mafia (P5/2):