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Week 1: Wednesday,  11th May 2022

P5/1 and P5/2 started their English classes with Word Bank #1 review in preparation for their spelling assessment on Friday. P5/1 practice was led by Hana and P5/2 was led by Asia. Students gain confidence and tend to focus more if they were given a chance to lead the class, and to learn with their friends. 

It was followed by Everybody Up: Unit 1: Lesson 1: Activities. We reviewed the words in the first part of the their book. Target words review was led by Andre from P5/1 and Nicha from P5/2. Then, we talked about the target language, conversation and grammar. They practiced the target language and conversation among themselves.

P5/1 got 2 classes on Wednesday and we were able to answer their Everybody Up workbook. I discussed to them how to answer every part of the workbook and gave them time to answer it by themselves. Then, we talked about the answers. 

Target Language:

Grammar Focus: Simple Past Tense

Target Conversation:

Word Bank #1 practice with Hana (P5/1)

Word Bank #1 practice with Asia (P5/2)

EU Unit 1: Lesson 1: Words review with Andre  (P5/1)

EU Unit 1: Lesson 1: Words review with Nicha  (P5/2)