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Week 2: Friday,  20th May 2022

P5/2: in their first period, We continued answering their Everybody Up work book after their daily Word Bank. Then it was followed by their new topic in Grammar —Common Nouns. I assessed their past knowledge about nouns and common nouns, then I started to discuss the book and had some exercises. The students gave their examples of the common nouns for people, places, things and animals. Then we answered the book exercises together. 

P5/1 and P5/2 did their weekly assessment in Smart Class. They did their assessment through Google Form. Through this assessment, students can do their assessment according to their paces, so they will not feel the pressure of taking the test. After taking their assessment, They were able to experience playing Memrise about Word Bank #2. They learned how to get through it, so whenever they feel like doing it at home, they can manage to do so. 

Week 1 Assessment Coverage:

- Word Bank #2

-Everybody Up: Unit 1: Lesson 2: Feelings

- Grammar: Common Nouns

Online Lesson Inttegration: Memrise