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Week 2: Thursday,  19th May 2022

Both classes reviewed their Word Bank #2 and practiced it. P5/1 practice was led by Fai and P5/2 was led by KK. 

P5/1 continued their Grammar lesson about common nouns. they were given a chance to give examples of common nouns in different categories. They were called randomly and was asked to give examples as fast as they could. This helped them to think fast using the language and avoid translation in their mind. After the discussion and practiced, they answered their book exercises and we checked them together.

P5/2 reviewed their Everybody Up lesson and they answered their workbook. I let them work by themselves and we answered the book altogether. I called random students to answer every segment of their workbook. 

Everybody Up Workbook

Grammar Worksheet: Common Nouns

Word Bank #2 practice with Fai (P5/1)

Word Bank #1 practice with KK (P5/2)