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Week 2: Wednesday,  18th May 2022

P5/2 started with Word Bank #2 practiced led by Chern. Most of them are now looking forward in leading the practice. Their confidence shows improvement as the days go by. After the word bank practice, we continued of lesson in everybody Up. We reviewed first the words that they have learned yesterday. It was led by Yada. Then, we reviewed the target language and the grammar focus. next, I let them listened to the audio about the target conversation. We practiced reading it first and they practiced it among themselves. 

P5/1 also started their class with Word Bank #2 review led by Titan. Everybody was proud of him because he showed great improvement. He was also proud of himself. I hope this encourage him to study harder. After the word bank practice, We reviewed all the things that they have learned in Everybody Up. beginning with the words and it was led by Nada. Then, we answered their Everybody Up workbook. as usual, I discussed first the instructions on how to answer their workbook to develop routine and learn to follow instructions. I gave them time answering the workbook and answered them together.

In their next English class, we studied Grammar about Noun: Common Noun. They watched first the video about the difference between Common Noun and Proper Noun, then I discussed what's in their books. 

Grammar: Noun: Common Noun

Word Bank #2 practice with Titan (P5/1)

Word Bank #2 practice with Chern (P5/2)

EU Unit 1: Lesson 2: Words review with Yada  (P5/2)