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Week 3: Monday,  23rd May 2022

P5/2: Their English started with the introduction of Word Bank #4. I discussed the words to them and talked about them. We also translated the words for them to easily understand the words. After that, they practiced reading the words. It was led by Nammon.

After Word Bank #4, we did our new lesson in Everybody Up, Unit 1: Lesson 3: Reading —The Surfing Lesson. I discussed first the words that they need to learn in the story. We talked about them and practiced saying them. The practice was led by Best. Then, I let them listened to the story before I let them read altogether. We talked about the story and discussed the value that they have learned in the story. 

P5/1: I introduced their new vocabulary in their Word Bank #3. We talked about the words, made sentences using the words and translated them. Then they practiced the pronunciation led by Rohana. 

After the Word Bank #3, it was followed by the Everybody Up. They also did lesson 3 of unit 1 —Reading: the Surfing Lesson. They learned the words and practiced them. It was led by Best. Then, they listened to the story and they read altogether.  

Word Bank #3

Word Bank Practice with Rohana (P5/1)

Word Bank Practice with Nammon (P5/2)

Everybody Up: Unit 1: Lesson 3 Words

Everybody Up Words Practice with khongkwan and Baitoey (P5/1)

Everybody Up Words Practice with Nammon (P5/2)

Everybody Up Target Conversation